Uniqueness Of Mdf Baseboards

The MDF skirting boards are ideal for your room décor because they are simple to fit and can be good for any room conditions. The boards are manufactured through use of different materials such as wax and fibers.

Advantages of MDF boards

§ These boards are very flexible and therefore can take any shape to fit in any room shape. With this characteristic, you can easily replace the MDF skirting boards without causing any scratches on your room walls.

§ They can be fixed easily through use of various techniques. The MDF baseboards can be installed on your wall by either use of glue or stamping.

Uses of MDF baseboards

§ The baseboards can be used as a decorative element for your room. You can use the same paint as that of door and window frames to make the room have an attractive pattern.

§ The constructors mostly use them to seal gaps that might have been left between the floor and the walls. This is good for preventing the parts from looking awkward.

§ You can also use them as passageways for your electronic equipment in the room hence keeping the room attractive.

How to repair damaged skirting boards

§ Due to the age, the MDF skirting boards may tear out. This can be because of continuous exposure to moisture or scratches from the house equipment. These make the boards porous and have some swelling hence making them have an unappealing look. The paint can also fade away over time thus there is a need to repair them to maintain the beauty of your rooms.

§ Repairing swollen part requires you to move them down up to the level of other surfaces. For the painting, apply an oil primer then the paint of any color of your choice.

In conclusion, we are recommended to have MDF baseboards over the wooden ones for these MDF ones can take any shape with ease.